Meet the Counselors of Spring Term: Jenny Deren

Jenny Deren, MA, DTLLP (she/her)

Professional/Education Background: I am an intern at the K-College counseling center while I earn my PhD in Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University! Throughout my program, I have had many clinical experiences such as conducting psychological assessments, working with refugees, conducting group therapy, and working in the private practice setting. I love working with college students though – which is why I am at K! 

Hometown: Chicago-ish – specifically Park Ridge, IL which borders the city.  

Favorite Coping Skill: My favorite coping skill is a combination of five senses (something you can touch, feel, see, hear, and taste) and walking meditation. Often in the hustle and bustle of college, you miss the seasons changing. Spring is the perfect time to take note of changes on campus – what can you see, what can you hear? Taste can be a tough one though! 

Favorite Animal(s): I couldn’t choose just one – dogs and penguins. 

A reason that I love my job is: As a therapist, it is such a privilege to hear someone else’s story – especially considering it might be the first time that someone is telling that story. Through therapy, our stories are recognized, sometimes edited, and new chapters are added.  

Favorite Ice-Cream Flavor: Chocolate and vanilla, side by side, not mixed! 

Picture of Jenny Deren and her dog, a golden retriever

Learn more about Jenny on the Counseling Center’s staff page!

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  1. hi Jenny. Any chance you might be able to come and talk a little about your work for my psychopathology classes on MWF 9:40 and 2:45? They would love to know more about you and your ideas on mental health.

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