Uwill Teletherapy Services Available Over Summer Break

The Counseling Center will be closing its doors for summer break after June 7, but we are happy to be able to provide continued services through our partnership with Uwill.

Uwill offers students immediate access to teletherapy, a direct crisis connection, and wellness programming through its online platform at no cost. Each academic year, K students receive free 8 telehealth sessions via video, phone, or messaging.

To schedule teletherapy

  • Create a profile with Uwill 
  • Choose a therapist based on your preferences including availability, issue, gender, language, ethnicity. 
  • Choose a time that fits your schedule with day, night and weekend availability. 

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, help is available 24/7. Call 833.646.1526. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. 

Uwill also provides students free access to on-demand wellness programming through its easy-to-use online platform. Select wellness from the left navigation and relax and recharge your mind and body with a wide range of wellness such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and more! Allow Uwill to help you discover greater focus and balance as you navigate time away from K. 

Meet the Counselors of Spring Term: HanaLi Gilbert

HanaLi Gilbert, MA, DTLLP (she/her)

Professional/Educational Background: I am working as an intern at the Counseling Center for the 2023-24 academic year while I work towards my Ph.D. in counseling psychology at Western Michigan University. I really enjoy working with college-aged students, which makes K-College an exciting internship site! My clinical experience has included conducting individual and group counseling at an elementary school, university training clinic, and private practice setting.  

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI – If you visit, I highly recommend checking out the Mitten Brewing Company for great pizza!  

Pets: I am a huge dog lover and have two family pets – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Penelope and a Yorkie Coton mix named Lily!  

Psychology Book Recommendation: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb – the book is a memoir that combines humor, humility, and honesty to talk about the author’s personal and professional journey as both a client and a therapist. I highly recommend this read for anyone wanting to learn more about one person’s journey through therapy!  

Hobby: I really enjoy checking out local thrift stores and second-hand markets for cool and funky clothing and home goods!  

Learn more about HanaLi on the Counseling Center’s staff page!

Meet the Counselors of Spring Term: Jenny Deren

Jenny Deren, MA, DTLLP (she/her)

Professional/Education Background: I am an intern at the K-College counseling center while I earn my PhD in Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University! Throughout my program, I have had many clinical experiences such as conducting psychological assessments, working with refugees, conducting group therapy, and working in the private practice setting. I love working with college students though – which is why I am at K! 

Hometown: Chicago-ish – specifically Park Ridge, IL which borders the city.  

Favorite Coping Skill: My favorite coping skill is a combination of five senses (something you can touch, feel, see, hear, and taste) and walking meditation. Often in the hustle and bustle of college, you miss the seasons changing. Spring is the perfect time to take note of changes on campus – what can you see, what can you hear? Taste can be a tough one though! 

Favorite Animal(s): I couldn’t choose just one – dogs and penguins. 

A reason that I love my job is: As a therapist, it is such a privilege to hear someone else’s story – especially considering it might be the first time that someone is telling that story. Through therapy, our stories are recognized, sometimes edited, and new chapters are added.  

Favorite Ice-Cream Flavor: Chocolate and vanilla, side by side, not mixed! 

Picture of Jenny Deren and her dog, a golden retriever

Learn more about Jenny on the Counseling Center’s staff page!

Meet the Counselors of Spring Term: Erica Pearson

Erica Pearson, Ph.D., LPC, NCC (she/her)

Professional/Education Background: I am a licensed and board-certified professional counselor with a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision and MA in Counseling. I started working with college students from the very beginning of my career because I love being able to support emerging adults with life transitions, coping skill development, and identity exploration. I have also worked in jails providing therapy to underserved and historically oppressed populations, including communities who are overrepresented in the legal system such as BIPOC individuals and individuals with severe mental illness. Animal-assisted therapy is a clinical and research interest of mine, and I have worked with my trained and registered therapy dog, Noodles, since 2016.  

Hometown: Clarkston, MI—just like how Kalamazoo is right between Detroit and Chicago, Clarkston is right between Detroit and Flint. 

Favorite Coping Skill: I credit box breathing (breathing in for 4 counts, holding for 4, breathing out for 4, and holding for 4) with my ability to move through the anxiety that comes up while doing challenging things. If you’ve attended one of my presentations on campus, know that I was doing some box breathing before I stepped up to the podium!  

Hobby: I love to hike, craft (crochet, cross stitch, embroidery), and read (thrillers are my favorite!). 

Learn more about Dr. Pearson on the Counseling Center’s staff page!

Meet the Counselors of Spring Term: Mya White

Mya White, MSW, LLMSW (she/her)

Professional/Educational Background: I am a Limited Licensed Master of Social Work. I Graduated from the Western Michigan University School of Social Work Program in June of 2023. During my time at WMU I specialized in studying Trauma and interpersonal violence. Most of my experience is working with survivors of violence, I have worked as an advocate in Human Trafficking, Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence shelters. As well as served as a support for individuals receiving sexual assault exams and worked on a crisis hotline. Some of you may recognize me as I was previously the K College Campus Advocate! 

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH. No I am not an Ohio State Fan! If ever in Cincinnati be sure to grab yourself a Cheese Coney!! 

Pets: Pictured with me is Tessy, my pug! I never had pets growing up and got Tess the second I moved out. She will be 10 years old this June. She loves pizza crust and hot cheetos! 

Identities: I am a disabled black woman. I have led multiple presentations and discussions on moving forward social justice initiatives while holding these identities, as the world was not built for us. 

My Approach: I consider myself a holistic healer, I think it is important to consider the whole person, their life and impacts in their journey. I also utilize empowerment and anti-oppression based methods. 

Mya White and her pug

Learn more about Mya on the Counseling Center’s staff page!

Meet the Counselors of Spring Term: Bryce Wade

Bryce Wade, MA, LPC (he/him)

Professional Background: I am a licensed Professional Counselor and have worked as a counselor for about 9 years. I have worked with people from different backgrounds and ages, with a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, trouble focusing, emotional regulation, boundary setting, etc. I find college is often a rewarding, but tough experience for many, so have very much enjoyed working with college students in the past and here at K.  

Hometown: Jackson, MI 

Favorite Hobby: I’m going to cheat and say two; traveling and reading. My favorite travel destination (so far) has been Barbados, and my favorite book (series) has been the Dresden Files 

Why I love being a counselor: I love getting to know people and their experiences and to see people be able to identify, process and rise above their troubles and struggles, and counseling has been a big way for me to help people along that journey.  

My go-to coping skills: Reading, Weightlifting, Video games, Going to the Theater 

Bryce Wade

Learn more about Bryce on the Counseling Center’s staff page!

Meet the Counselors of Spring Term: Calvin Ruff

Calvin Ruff, MSW, LMSW (he/him)

Professional/Education Background: I am currently working as a clinical therapist within several settings such as K College, a private practice, and a couple of community empowerment centers. With 30+ years of experience in this field, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to be a supportive guide in the life journeys of people from all over the world and all walks of life. It is always my goal and hope to witness people move successfully in the directions of healing and transformation that they identify and desire for themselves.  

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI- Being midway between Detroit and Chicago, with beautiful countryside all around, I’ve found Kalamazoo to be a perfect place for my various interests. From exploring the numerous local trails and waterways, to engaging the diversity of cultural music and foods here and the nearby cities, I’m in Heaven!!! 

Pets: We’ve always had canine companions for the family to enjoy. At this time we are having a blast with our 1 year old Shih Tzu, Quincy! 

Favorite Coping Skills: Meditation and anything Rhythm, Sound, and Movement! 

Hobby: Immersing myself in the music, food, and healing ways from cultures around the world is one of my greatest joys. As a drummer, foodie, and therapist, my life’s work is definitely inspired by the gifts of wisdom and experiences that have been so generously shared with me everywhere I go. As in this photo, you can see me recently with one of my meditation teachers, Ajarn Suar, a healer in Chiang Mai Thailand. 

Learn more about Calvin on the Counseling Center’s staff page!

Counseling Center Announcements

Additional Center Information

Here are some details when using the Counseling Center during the academic year:

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

1st floor of Hicks West next to the Health Center. We are #12 on the campus map.

Contact: counseling.center@kzoo.edu

Individual Counseling Details

To start individual counseling, please visit the Counseling Center and complete the intake forms located on the iPads in the lobby. You have the option to schedule your first appointment after completing the forms, otherwise a clinician will email you within 48 business hours to set up an initial appointment.

If you are unable to visit the Center to complete intake forms, please complete them at counselingsignup.kzoo.edu using your K College username and password or email us at counseling.center@kzoo.edu.