Emergency Services

A licensed mental health professional is available 24/7 for mental health emergencies. Please call the 24/7 Crisis Support Line at 833.646.1526. You can also call Campus Safety at 269.337.7321 or let your Resident Assistant know you need to speak to the on-call counselor. If you are off campus, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Please note that the use of e-mail poses risks to the confidentiality of your health information. The Internet is an open network and provides no inherent protection for confidential information. You accept these risks by using email to contact counseling center staff. Email may not be appropriate for critical or time-sensitive issues as there will be times that staff will not have access to e-mail.

Gryphon Place Help Line (Dial 2-1-1) is a free service offered to the community. Someone is available 24/7 for crisis intervention should you or someone you know be in emotional or psychological distress.

Crisis Phone Lines

If a student is experiencing a mental health crisis, help is available 24/7/365.

Call our Crisis Support Line at 833.646.1526

There are a number of other crisis phone and text lines that offer crisis intervention to students experiencing mental health issues and emergencies.