Counseling Center Announcements

Additional Center Information

Here are some details when using the Counseling Center during the academic year:

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

1st floor of Hicks West next to the Health Center. We are #12 on the campus map.

Contact: Patricia Jorgenson at or 269.337.7348

Walk-In Hour

Walk-In Hour
Monday – Friday: 2 – 3:00 p.m.

The Walk-In Hour is for crisis situations including: thoughts of hurting yourself or others or seeing or, hearing things that other people cannot see or hear. It may also include an emotional distressing situation that is causing significant impairment in your ability to: attend classes, complete assignments, sleep and/or eat.

Individual Counseling Details

To start individual counseling, please visit the Counseling Center and complete intake forms located on the iPads in the lobby.

A clinician will email you within 48 hours to set up an initial appointment. If you are unable to visit the Center to complete intake forms, please email Patricia Jorgenson at

EMERGE Scholars

EMERGE empowers & prepares high-performing students in underserved communities, to attend and graduate from selective colleges & universities across the nation including Kalamazoo College. Located in the greater Houston area, It is a developmental, college-access organization that works to change the trajectory of students. The organizational approach partners with public school in their districts, works to strengthen college applications, exposes students to select colleges, and works to influence the systems of support on campus to enhance the student experience. Click here to learn more about EMERGE.


Joining a new community can be challenging. It is a process to make connections, locate community resources, and get used to cold Michigan Winters! The Counseling Center is here to assist you with any mental wellness needs you may have while making this adjustment and facing the struggles of academic life. Included below are Kalamazoo College and Community Resources.

  • The Office of Intercultural Student Life– This office provides space, organizes programs, initiatives, and dialogues that center the lived experiences and voices of minoritized students.
  • The Office of Religious and Spiritual life– The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL) is a multi-faith religious and spiritual gathering place. The ORSL understands that the spiritual journey is both personal and takes place in community. Everyone is invited to dig more deeply into what it means to live a life of integrity and importance.
  • Affording College– This webpage provides information on scholarships, financial aid, textbooks resources, employment, health insurance, Michigan residency, registering to vote, and food stamp registration tips and finding food on campus.

Connecting with EMERGE

Emerge Manager of College Success, Gustavo Molinar

Gustavo Molinar serves as Kalamazoo College EMERGE students Manager of College Success . His role is to guide students through their college success. Click here to contact Gustavo. He can also be reached by phone call or text massage at 832.930.3716. Gustavo can assist with many things including:

  • Connect you with people and resources on campus
  • Understand financial aid disbursement and how to request financial aid
  • Understand your class schedule and degree plan
  • Connect you to engaged mentors
  • Find meaningful summer learning opportunities
  • Help you combat imposter syndrome, home sickness, and facing adversity
  • Re-enroll in college

Real Talk

What is Real Talk?

Real Talk is a student created and led, counselor supported event. Students are able to chose a topic of interest they would like to discuss with their peers. Previous discussions include; Frustration with Online Learning, Race and Racism, Stalking, Disordered Eating, and Sexual Fetishization of Underrepresented Populations.

Who can Lead a Real Talk Discussion?

Any student, or students, that have a topic they are passionate about. In the past two students led the discussions together, this is not a requirement.

What does Leading a Real Talk Discussion Entail?

Students will take time to prepare and outline the discussion. Once this is complete they will meet with a therapist from The Counseling Center for final thoughts and notes. The Real Talk discussion will then be scheduled and The Counseling Center will help promote the event. The the discussion the therapist will be present to assist in the facilitation and exploration of the topic if needed.