Mental Health Resources during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 shelter in place period, strategic measures are being taken by the Counseling Center to support the physical safety of our community through social distancing, in collaboration with the rest of K College. As a result, no in-person services are being offered at this time. The Counseling Center staff remain actively engaged in supporting the mental health needs of K students in a variety of other ways.


Current Counseling Center clients experiencing mental health symptoms may have access to videoconference sessions with their current therapist, if they are in the state of Michigan. While no intake appointments for new clients are being conducted at this time, students can obtain a phone consultation to discuss options for meeting mental health needs. Counseling Center hours are M-F 8-5. Please contact your therapist via email or email Dr. Ferguson at to schedule a teletherapy appointment.


Students who are out of state are encouraged to connect with local mental health resources, as the current law does not allow our therapists to provide teletherapy outside of their state of licensure. However, all students may have access to brief, temporary consultative support via video conference or phone to help transition to a local provider or to access emergency mental health services as needed. Please contact your therapist via email or email Dr. Ferguson at to schedule a consultation.


Students experiencing a mental health emergency should contact one of the following crisis resources immediately:

  • Campus Safety: 7321 (to be connected with an on-call crisis counselor)
  • Gryphon Place: 211 or 269.381.HELP (Kalamazoo)
  • National Suicide Hotline: 1.800.273.8255
  • Steve Fund Crisis Text Line (for young people of color): Text STEVE to 741741
  • Call 911

Examples of mental health crises include (but are not limited to) suicidal urges, disconnection from reality, problematic substance misuse, significantly impaired functioning, or a traumatic experience (ex. assault or major loss).


The Counseling Center has collected a variety of free online self-help resources. Using an app (such as Headspace or Sanvello) is a great way to create a customized package of coping skills and to set up a reminder system for implementation. Tools for coping with anxiety and depression are located on The Counseling Center home page under “Instant Help.” In addition, below are ideas related specifically to managing anxiety related to the pandemic.

Thank you for working with us to stay physically and mentally healthy during this COVID-19 season! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns that arise as we navigate these unchartered waters together. We are here for you!

K College Counseling Center Staff