Real Talk

What is Real Talk?

Real Talk is a student created and led, counselor supported event. Students are able to chose a topic of interest they would like to discuss with their peers. Previous discussions include; Frustration with Online Learning, Race and Racism, Stalking, Disordered Eating, and Sexual Fetishization of Underrepresented Populations.

Who can Lead a Real Talk Discussion?

Any student, or students, that have a topic they are passionate about. In the past two students led the discussions together, this is not a requirement.

What does Leading a Real Talk Discussion Entail?

Students will take time to prepare and outline the discussion. Once this is complete they will meet with a therapist from The Counseling Center for final thoughts and notes. The Real Talk discussion will then be scheduled and The Counseling Center will help promote the event. The the discussion the therapist will be present to assist in the facilitation and exploration of the topic if needed.

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